Signature Events
and Activities

Summer Camp

A male student smiling behind a canvas of paint for summer camp.

Getting Some Fresh Air.

Our annual summer camp is designed to expose our students to new experiences outside of their own communities and create opportunities to immerse themselves in the core values of the Common Ground Foundation. We encourage the creativity and innovation of our students while forming lasting relationships with their peers. In addition, we also look forward to inviting CGF alumni to come back as camp counselors.

  • Students in our programs have the opportunity to attend a one-week summer camp that combines the pillars of our core curriculum with team building activities, fine arts projects, and various sporting events.
  • Summer camp activities include yoga, ropes course, dance, photography, rock climbing, canoeing and so much more.
  • Each year, we host a talent show to culminate camp and give our students a chance to shine.

Mentees have the chance to be creative and innovative while forming lasting relationships with their peers.


Annual Youth Business & Leadership Conference

GLOBAL STEAM is a signature event put on by the Common Ground Foundation for students worldwide to explore career pathways. It features speakers who narrate their inspiring journeys while documenting a successful blueprint via engaging TED-like talks, panel discussions, live demonstrations, and experiential learning. This event that borrows the acronym S.T.E.A.M. explores careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics and discovers careers in Sports, Tourism, Entertainment, Advocacy & Marketing.

The conference’s goal is to give students the ability to gain insight into their own identities, including their interests, passions, skills, values, personalities, and future goals through self-assessment, self-reflection, leadership development, and active career exploration. Students will also learn the value of personal and professional branding, networking and collaboration, and the benefits of remixing and re-imagining STEAM careers.

Field Trips

Creating Unique Opportunities To Explore.

Common Ground Foundation is all about preparing our students for their futures. By crafting unique cultural experiences, our students see first-hand how the world can provide life lessons. These field trips offer our students an opportunity to experience various activities such as career exploration, cultural experiences, team building, and entertainment events. Some of our past trips included visits to the White House, National Museum of African-American History & Culture, Chicago Bulls games, Pfizer STEM Academy, Panasonic, and pWc.

Students on a field trip in front of a statue
Student getting help from a mentor
STEM Students in lab coats
Students on a field trip in Washington D.C.

Service Learning

Student volunteers in a meeting

Service Learning projects allow our students to participate and learn the importance of giving back to their communities and how their impact can make a difference. Our students have an opportunity to be part of service-learning activities such as feeding the less fortunate, community clean-up efforts, visiting senior living facilities, and more.