The Common Ground Foundation empowers & uplifts youth from high potential communities to become future leaders. Our specially curated programs focus on character development, civic engagement, health & wellness, technology, generational wealth, entrepreneurship/career exploration, creative expression, and leadership.

The History of Common Ground

Ten years ago, Academy-Award Winning Artist, Actor, and Author, COMMON, along with his mother, Dr. Mahalia Hines, decided they wanted to make a significant impact. More than just donating money, they wanted to have their hands in shaping our future leaders.

What started in 2012, as taking 23 high school students on a five-day camping trip turned into a four-year high school mentoring program that has extended to college and beyond, now serving over 500 students. Together, they have built a family of mentors, instructors, parents, and volunteers that surround our youth with a village of love and support.

Common Ground Foundation provides a holistic curriculum that encourages our youth to achieve academic excellence while inspiring them to realize their dreams & create an impact in the world. They come to us as dreamers but emerge as DREAMERS & BELIEVERS!

“I started the Common Ground Foundation because I wanted to help. Most of all, help people to help themselves. I always believed that if we started with the youth then we would be planting the seeds for our future to blossom. Give the children a sense of hope, self-esteem, and love that will better the world…I think making a difference in the lives of others is life’s greatest purpose. I walk this path with faith knowing that the Common Ground Foundation will Change the World.”
– Love, COMMON


The Philosophy of Common Ground
Our student creed was created to keep with the philosophy of CGF for our students to become a community that believes in themselves and their dreams. We want them to know and understand that anything is possible for their future if they continue to believe in themselves and those around them. Our creed is meant to be a positive affirmation for our students to feel empowered to achieve.
I am a dreamer

In my dreams, I see me and all that I can be.

For me, it is no mystery.

I know that I stand on & love my history.

I know that I can be all I want to be because of those who came before me.


I am a believer

I believe in me and the future I can see.

If I am passionate about what I want to be,

If I work hard and always believe,

I know because of the God in me,

My dreams I will achieve.

I am a dreamer and a believer.