Our Work

Our Programs

In our programs we encourage students to set a goal for their high school and college careers and we support the path they set for themselves. Our team of dedicated coaches and mentors work with our students in an individual and group setting. We believe that every child has the opportunity to succeed and lead given the proper resources.

Youth Mentoring Program

  • A four-year commitment for high school students.
  • We run monthly sessions where our students engage in our the components of our curriculum and meet with their mentors in a group setting.
  • Outside of these monthly sessions, we provide community service projects and cultural field trips for our students.
  • We recruit students to our program by working with the administration and counselors from 30 high schools on the South and West side of Chicago. We identify incoming 9th graders that will benefit the most from our program.
  • Designed for students entering their junior and senior year.
  • Counselors and college admission experts help students and their parents navigate the post-secondary school entry and financial support process.

Transition to College Program

Dreamers & Believers Summer Camp

  • Each year, students in our programs have the opportunity to attend a one-week summer camp which combines the teaching of our core curriculum with team building activities and various sporting events outside of the city.
  • Students have the chance to be creative and innovative while forming lasting relationships with their peers
  • Planned for hundreds of students throughout Chicago to give them ideas for future career pathways
  • Through this conference we are able to:
    • Expose our youth to various career opportunities
    • Provide an environment that supports/promotes networking
    • Empower our youth to feel comfortable interviewing and interacting with leaders
    • Expand their scope to see the world and business globally

Youth Business & Leadership Conference

Our Demographics

We serve over 300 students from more than 30 schools in Chicago’s south and west side neighborhoods.

Our Mentors
  • Are educators and health professionals

  • Come from similar backgrounds to our students

  • Provide academic, social, and emotional support to their students

  • Have touch points with students at least twice a month outside of our monthly sessions

  • Champion their mentees individual goals

Our Students
  • Come from low-socioeconomic areas in Chicago, primarily the South and West sides of the city

  • Have the potential to achieve in and graduate high school

  • Need an extra layer of support outside of their family and school

  • Many come from single parent families

Our Impact

In 2016, we graduated our first cohort of students.

  • On average, all CGF students have improved or maintained a 3.16 GPA

  • On average, CGF students scored a 21.3 on their ACT test versus the state wide average 20.7

  • 99% of CGF seniors are attending a four year college

  • CGF students have 100% graduation rate

  • Over 50% of our seniors qualified for Chicago Scholars

  • More than $230,000 awarded in scholarships to CGF students

  • each year our students complete over 2500 hours of community service

  • 20 of our students had the chance to visit the White House and meet the President and First Lady

  • 15 cultural field trips during the year that give students the opportunity to see outside their surrounding environments